February 2019

Luke 9:23-45 Take Up Your Cross!

Luke 9:1-22 Who Do You Say I Am?

Luke 8:40-56 A Different Kind of Touch

January 2019

Luke 8:16-39 Take Heed How You Hear! (Part 2)

Luke 8:1-18 Take Heed How You Hear! (Part 1)

Jesus teaches us in the Parable of the Sower "how you hear" is everything!

Luke 7:24-50 Don’t be a “Little Lover”!

Are you "loving little"? Come explore with us what it means to have a life filled with the overwhelming, unconditional, empowering love of God.

Luke 7:1-23 Don’t Be Offended!

December 2018

Luke 6:37-49 Founded on the Rock

Luke 6:17-36 Jesus The Great Contrarian

Luke 6:6-16 To Save Life or to Destroy?